Special Concrete Repair

Gunner provides foundation repair, levelling, underpinning and raising. We also do concrete levelling, mudjacking, liquid topsoil and backfill and much more. We have years of experience serving residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Prairie Provinces.



Featured Services

Compaction Grouting

Injection pipes allow grout below footings or piles to raise foundations and solidify poor ground conditions. This is a recognized structural engineering process.

Concrete Pumping Service, Sales & Rentals

We can do the work for you or rent you a truck mounted concrete and grout pumping unit so you can get the job contracted yourself. We can even provide an operator and/or training.

Foundation Underpinning

Foundation underpinning is a very long lasting method of lifting and stabilizing a foundation. Steel pipes are installed into stable soil well below the foundation footings to provide a lifetime of support.

Compression Piling System

Compression Piling is used to raise and underpin foundations that have settled. Steel casings are jacked into the ground until sufficient resistance is met. The foundation is then raised, and casings are filled with concrete.

Liquid Backfill

Liquid Backfill is a clay based, water resistant material that can be pumped to improve foundation grading, basement floor heaving and fill voids.

It’s also great for refilling new excavations with stable soil material.

Liquid Topsoil

Imagine improving the grade around your foundation without shoveling, tampers, wheelbarrows or delivery. Liquid topsoil is applied right where you need it, then compacts quickly.

Mudjacking / Slabjacking

Mudjacking or Slabjacking settled concrete slabs, reinstating them to original elevations. Specializing in Sidewalks, Patios, Driveways, Pool Decks, Garage Floors, Steps, Basement Floors, Factory & Warehouse Floors, Ramps, Void Filling & Stabilization.

Shotcrete & Gunite

Foundations can be repaired using structurally engineered sprayed concrete. The result is a foundation wall that is stronger and much less expensive than new foundation walls.