Contractors promoting poly-foam as an alternative to conventional Mudjacking...lie:

 Poly-foam jacking is not an alternative to mudjacking.  Here's why:

  • Poly-foam is far more costly then the natural mud material used in Mudjacking, which is why poly-foam contractors will avoid estimating large cavity filling, such as a step cavity.  Certainly this is evidence of their lack of credibility;
  •  While poly-foam is a lighter product, less weight is of no benefit to a sub-grade, which is typically backfilled with clay and compacted;   Further, poly-foam projects would be lighter due to all the cavities left under the slab;
  • Poly-foam jacking cavities provide unsanitary rodent habitants under the slab, which will ultimately result in damage to the adjacent landscaping;
  • Mudjacking does not require heavy equipment, unless you’re a wimp when it comes to any work;
  • Mudjacking cures equally as fast as poly-foam and driveways can be driven on within a few hours, however since poly-foam jacking projects result in a concrete slab coving nothing but a cavity, it would be advised to never use the driveway again;
  • The use of larger grout holes are required to not only raise the concrete slab, but to monitor the cavity filling progress under the slab, something not monitored by poly-foam jackers because they do not want to know the extent of the cavities not being filled under the slab;
  • If further sinking occurs, subsequent injections with poly-foam will result in a snowman shaped poly-blob under the slab, thereby creating even greater instability condition;
  • There is nothing safe about poly-foam applications involving a compilation of environmentally hazardous substance being dumped around your home;
  • While poly-foam does chemically expands in all directions it will only totally fill a void of approximately a 12-inch cube, before the material solidifies and stops flowing, actually leaving a cavity in all directions under the concrete slab.  Whereas, Mudjacking material is flowable reassuring all cavities are filled and the concrete slab is completely supported on a grade.
  • As mentioned above, once water gets into the foam pores and freezes, it will breakup into pellets, to be easily eaten by birds and other animals as your concrete sinks.


Contractors promoting poly-foam as an alternative to conventional Mudjacking...lie: - Image 1