Jack-Down Piling System

What Is Jack-down Piling?


Smart piles that self-design in accordance to the structure’s load requirements.


The Jack-Down Piling System compliments the Compaction Grouting applications regarding the raising and underpinning of settled foundations.


The system involves an excavation directly below the foundation footings or wall that is sufficiently deep enough to allow a high-pressure hydraulic jack and a interlocking steel casing section. Progressively, these sections are jacked down into the bearing ground using the resistance of the structure’s weight. This installation continues until the resistance is met with the structure demonstrating some indication of elevation movement.


When all locations have met resistance, the process of raising the structure to the required elevation takes place incrementally. The steel casings are filled with concrete and the project is complete.


The Jack-Down Piling System can be installed from the exterior or from within the basement area...a foundation leveling and structural underpinning process that can be relied on and accomplished anytime of the year.