Liquid Topsoil

What Is Liquid Topsoil?


This process is another unique landscaping innovation that is typical of Gunner’s years of experience and operation. Liquid Topsoil eliminates the need for compaction, shoveling, and hauling of topsoil to all areas around a foundation. Often, owners expend a great deal of time and effort installing loose fill topsoil as a landscaping grading effect around their foundation to then find soon after that the grade has again consolidated and settled. Landscaping features are lost, leaving a negative grade running water back towards the initiate all types of collateral damage.


With Liquid Topsoil, the owner/landscaper can easily mark-out design grade contours, and at the same time bury water sprinkler systems, so that within a few hours the pored over area is now ready for sod installation on a compact topsoil layer. The process is quick and fact it is an amazing process that compliments the Liquid Backfill process (consolidation free) liquefied clay-base fill around new foundation, and utility excavations, basic grade elevations, and cavity fill.