About Us

History of Experience

Since its incorporation in 1977 Gunner LiftCrete has evolved within the Construction Industry pioneering and inventing special construction services, using the ingenuity of a proprietary business performing ahead of its time.

The Company was first envisioned as a Shotcrete/Gunite company motivated to repair all the failing foundations in Regina, using a structurally engineered spray-on concrete liner.  The Company’s name “Gunner” is derived from this special remedial application and the adaption of Shotcrete/Gunite applications to foundation repair was unique to the Company and has since been mimicked by a few other companies.   

Some of the first projects completed in the early 1980’s were the Territorial Building on Dewdney Avenue, the west wall of the Government House, and parts of the No. 1 Regina Fire Station, of course since then there have been hundreds of other residential foundation projects, industrial repairs, bridge repairs, basically anywhere concrete showed signs of deterioration.


Of course while there are literally thousands of collapsing foundations within the province and beyond, there are just so many committed Shotcrete projects, therefore the Company was required to diversify in order to expand and better ensure a stable business operation.  Since the Company operated concrete pumps, it seemed logical to explore Mudjacking as another remedial service. One need only look around the City of Regina to get a feel for the extent of settled concrete problems, primarily due to poor foundation backfill practices.  Mudjacking led to the process of raising settled foundations using Compaction Grouting techniques.

We may be the only company with a firm grasp on how poor grading around foundations displaces membrane clay from below the footings to cause progressive settlement conditions.  In order to combat this slow motion condition the Company invented Liquid BackFill, a clay-based material used to completely fill new foundation excavations or to raise the settled grading conditions around the older constructed foundations.  Basically creating a “control grade” that redirects water away from the foundation, creating dry basement conditions and avoiding the high cost of elaborate liner installations, that will only re-disturb the backfill zone, leaving your foundation surrounded by a moat of wet sand/backfill that will ultimately undermine the stability of your foundation. 

gunner building location

We highly promote the application of Liquid Backfill for new concrete slab installations, which effectively prevents water from getting back in under a slab, ie: driveway, to shift the slab by freeze/thaw, and wet/dry conditions, this moisture from below will also be the source of surface spoiling deterioration.

The Company has been innovative regarding Liquid BackFill applications, has adapted a structural foundation underpinning process called Compression Piling, and continues Mudjacking and filling cavities, things foam jacking will never be able to accomplish in any proper manner.

Gunner LiftCrete has been applying these special construction services, and solving problems for a long time, with the right experienced labour, equipment, and materials. Its time you call Gunner LiftCrete, to get the proper type of repair job you thought was a lost art.