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Compaction Grouting

What Is Compaction Grouting?

A recognized structural engineering remedial process of installing grout injection pipes below the foundation’s footings or piles to raise settled foundations and compact poor ground conditions.

Proper Application Is Important!

Over the years, hundreds of structural settlement problems have been solved using compaction grouting techniques to stabilize faulty support soils. Frequently, subsurface densification and improvement of inadequate support soils can be accomplished economically, via an important geotechnical tool termed compaction grouting.

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Mudjacking / Slabjacking

What Is Mudjacking / Slabjacking?

Also known as concrete raising, concrete leveling, slab lifting, slab raising & concrete lifting. A series of 1-1/4″ holes are drilled through the slabs. Stabilizing grout material is pumped underneath the slab filling the void, pressurizing and hydraulically raising the sunken slab to its original height.

Proper Application Is Important!

Mudjacking offers you a package of advantages not available with any other method.
For most projects, mudjacking is:
• faster, cleaner and less costly than replacement
• readily done at night or other off-hour times
• completed without requiring access for large equipment (the grout can be pumped several hundred feet)
• completed without altering the surface texture and appearance

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Shotcrete & Gunite

What Is Shotcrete & Gunite?

Structurally engineered sprayed concrete foundation repair.
Construction Solution Include:
• Concrete Restoration
• Foundation Repair
• Slope Stabilization
• Swimming Pools
• Water Erosion Control

Proper Application Is Important!

• Local engineers prepare structural drawings and do site inspections which guarantee the work’s structural integrity.

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Liquid Topsoil

What Is Liquid Topsoil?

This process is another unique landscaping innovation that is typical of Gunner’s years of experience and operation. Liquid Topsoil eliminates the need for compaction, shoveling, and hauling of topsoil to all areas around a foundation. Often, owners expend a great deal of time and effort installing loose fill topsoil as a landscaping grading effect around their foundation to then find soon after that the grade has again consolidated and settled. Landscaping features are lost, leaving a negative grade running water back towards the initiate all types of collateral damage.

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Liquid Backfill

What Is Liquid Backfill?

An impervious pumpable clay-base material used to raise settled landscape grading conditions around foundations, to fill voids and cavities, and to be used to fill new excavations to prevent future grade settlement and water problems.

Proper Application Is Important!

Many people fail to recognize the major importance of proper 'backfilling' around their foundations and in trenches, etc. as the key to a sustainable foundation. Wildly shifting foundations, landscape damage and water damage are the unavoidable results of neglected backfilling standards​

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Jack-Down Piling

What Is Jack-Down Piling?

Smart piles that self-design in accordance to the structure’s load requirements.
The system involves an excavation directly below the foundation footings or wall that is sufficiently deep enough to allow a high-pressure hydraulic jack and a interlocking steel casing section. Progressively, these sections are jacked down into the bearing ground using the resistance of the structure’s weight. This installation continues until the resistance is met with the structure demonstrating some indication of elevation movement.

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Foundation Underpinning

What Is Foundation Underpinning?

When foundations settle it may be required to simply arrest and stabilize the condition at the current settled elevation, providing it has not been allowed to settle beyond a reasonable condition. Certainly, when laymen are capable of noticing a settlement conditon, this may be indicative of the problem going beyond this noticable condition and simply raising the structure back to a level should be considered. Generally, this demarcation of detection is in the range of 2 inches.

The process of underpinning involves the installation of piles to a stable zone below the foundation walls. The process we install is typically referred to as Jack-Down Piles.

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Concrete Pumping & Pump Term Rentals

Need A Concrete Or Grout Pump?

Gunner has encountered almost all pumping conditions - up and down, hot and cold, even under water applications - in a variety of applications - power plants, houses, high rises, steel mills, mining and pulp mills. Gunner can help you find the best pump for the job. 

Rental Arrangement

When it comes to concrete and grout pumping, hire Gunner to do the job or rent a unit to get the job contracted yourself. Our available rental units cover a complete range of boom pumps, trailer line pumps, and placement line assemblies. When renting we offer options to provide a contract operator and equipment training.

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Clay Spray

What is Clay Spray?

This application provides slop stabilization, washout control, excavation safety for any excavation work. This application reinstates slop washout, sluff-ins, sinkholes, cavity fill and more.