Compaction Grouting

What is Compaction Grouting? A recognized structural engineering remedial process of installing grout injection pipes below the foundation’s footings or piles to raise settled foundations and compact poor ground conditions.     Proper Application is Important...
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Mudjacking / Slabjacking

What Is Mudjacking / Slabjacking? Also known as concrete raising, concrete leveling, slab lifting, slab raising & concrete lifting. A series of 1-1/4″ holes are drilled through the slabs. Stabilizing grout material is pumped underneath the slab filling the void,...
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Shotcrete & Gunite

What is Shotcrete? Structurally engineered sprayed concrete foundation repair. Construction Solution Include: Concrete Restoration Foundation Repair Slope Stabilization Swimming Pools Water Erosion Control Proper Application is Important Local engineers prepare...
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Liquid Topsoil

What Is Liquid Topsoil? This process is another unique landscaping innovation that is typical of Gunner’s years of experience and operation. Liquid Topsoil eliminates the need for compaction, shoveling, and hauling of topsoil to all areas around a foundation. Often, owners...
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Liquid Backfill

What is Liquid Backfill? An impervious pumpable clay-base material used to raise settled landscape grading conditions around foundations, to fill voids and cavities, and to be used to fill new excavations to prevent future grade settlement and water problems. Liquid Backfill is a...
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Jack-Down Piling System

What Is Jack-down Piling? Smart piles that self-design in accordance to the structure’s load requirements. The Jack-Down Piling System compliments the Compaction Grouting applications regarding the raising and underpinning of settled foundations. The system involves an...
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Foundation Underpinning

When foundations settle it may be required to simply arrest and stabilize the condition at the current settled elevation, providing it has not been allowed to settle beyond a reasonable condition. Certainly, when laymen are capable of noticing a settlement conditon, this may be...
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Concrete Pumping & Pump Term Rentals

Need A Concrete Or Grout Pump?  Gunner has encountered almost all pumping conditions - up and down, hot and cold, even under water applications - in a variety of applications - power plants, houses, high rises, steel mills, mining and pulp mills. Gunner can help you...
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Clay Spray

This application provides slop stabilization, washout control, excavation safety for any excavation work.  This application reinstates slop washout, sluff-ins, sinkholes, cavity fill and more.